Can I apply to more than one role?

Of course! If you do, please tell us in your cover letter which position you are most passionate about so that we can manage your application accordingly.

Is there any compensation during the internship?

Yes, compensation is paid monthly.

How long is the internship for? During what period?

The internship will commence on June 8th and run full-time for 9 weeks.

Will I get the chance to take time off during the summer?

No, all interns are expected to work full time during the entire internship period.

After the internship, what is in store for me?

During your internship, you will gain a lot of knowledge about the company and continuous feedback about your performance. At the end of the 9 weeks, interns recognized as top talent have a great chance to be offered to join Northvolt as full-time employees.

Where will my internship be based geographically?

The location of the internship is stated in the top of the job ad. If two locations are stated, you can find the location per role in the text.

Should the application be in English or Swedish?

All applications should be written in English.

Do I need to speak Swedish to be able to apply?

Northvolt’s company language is English, no previous knowledge of Swedish is required.

What tests will there be during the application process?

The assessment includes a general logic ability test and a personality test. Completing these tests takes no longer than 40 minutes and is done through your web browser.

I don´t know how to get accommodation in Stockholm/Västerås/Skellefteå, can you help me?

All interns are expected to make their own arrangements for housing and accommodation.

How far away is Västerås from Stockholm?

Västerås can be reached with regional train in 1h and by car in 1h 15min from the centre of Stockholm. Travel between sites for company purposes will be paid for by Northvolt. Travels from your home to the office where you work is considered a private expense – meaning that we recommend you look for accommodation in the same city as where your internship is located.

What will I do during my internship period?

Your tasks will vary depending on what internship position you apply for. All of our interns are working closely to experienced managers so you will have a great opportunity to learn and develop both personally and professionally. You will play an important part in our journey towards enabling the future of energy – let’s enjoy the ride!

Will I be informed if I don’t get the internship?

All applications will be answered via email as soon as a first selection has been done.

Will I be able to receive feedback on my application?

Due to the high volume of applications, we will not be able to provide individual feedback on CV’s and Cover Letters. However, we will provide feedback after the interview stage as we recognize the importance of this for your future career.